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ad, ticket stub courtesy of Paul Fernandes




photo courtesy of Michelle Contrada



review written by Bill Flanagan from the Providence Journal,

courtesy of Paul Fernandes 


Master audience recording taped by Paul Fernandes





1: Dreaming
2: One Way or Another
3; Hanging on the Telephone
4: You Look Good in Blue
5: Youth Nabbed as Sniper
6: Pretty Baby
7: Slow Motion
8: Sunday Girl
9: In the Flesh
10: Man Overboard
11: Heart of Glass
12: 1159
13: Rip Her to Shreds
14: In The Sun
15: X Offender
16: I'm on E
17: Kung Fu Girls
18:  A Shark in Jet's Clothing





Debbie Harry (vocals),  


Chris Stein (guitar),  


Jimmy Destri (keyboards),   


Frank Infante (guitar), 


Nigel Harrison (bass),


Clement Burke (drums)




Blondie - Full Concert - 07/07/79 (Late Show)- Convention Hall



Blondie - Parallel Lines 1978 (Full Album)





*Note: if you were there and would like to share your memories, pictures or tape please send it


Great seats, great night by Paul Fernandes

Went to the concert with Michelle and we got seats in the 2nd row at the Leroy Theater.  Dave Edmunds Rockpile opened the show with "Sweet Little Lisa" and then they went into "So It Goes", " Knew the Bride", "Crawling From The Wreckage", "Deborah", and so on.  Rockpile was always a fun great band to see live and that night at the Leroy they didn't let us down.  After intermission Blondie came on and they started the set with "Dreaming" a new track they would be released in a few months off the "Eat to The Beat" album. Unfortunately Debbie started singing way off key but corrected herself by the second verse.  It was a great set of classic Blondie songs and everything was fine until Nigel Harrison noticed that I was taping the show.  Since I was in the second row, we had good eye contact and I smiled at him and lowered my microphone.  I didn't think much of it until the band finished their set before the encore.  All of sudden this security guy came out and was screaming at me for the tape.  I got a little annoyed because he was being so rude and I told him to wait a minute while I reached down to my tape deck to pull the cassette out.  I recall saying something to him and he got pissed off and grabbed my tape and broke it in front of me and threw it down on the ground and walked away.  Well I picked up the broken cassette and watched the remaining song for the encore and the show was over.  I had a great time at the show with Michelle and we went out to celebrate at a local pub.  The next day I pulled my broken tape out and did a little operating using a new cassette shell and to this day I have the original recording which came out great minus the encore.  Thanks security man for not taking the tape with you. :)





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