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DREAM POLICE Tour 1979-80





ticket stub courtesy of Paul Fernandes 




01. Hello There / Clock Strikes Ten

02. I'll Be With You Tonight

03. Southern Girls

04. California Man

05. Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

06. Oh, Candy

07. On Top Of The World

08. Can't Hold On

09. Downed

10. Auf Wiedersehen

11. Gonna Raise Hell

12. Heaven Tonight

13. Voices

14. Ain't That A Shame

15. Need Your Love

16. I Know What I Want

17. I Want You To Want Me

18. Surrender

19. Dream Police





  Robin Zander (vocals, guitar),   


Rick Nielsen (guitar, vocals),


Tom Peterson (bass, vocals),   


Bun E. Carlos (drums, vocals)




Cheap Trick - Hello There / Clock Strikes Ten Providence, RI 1980



Cheap Trick - Southern Girls - Providence, RI 1980



Cheap Trick - California Man - Providence, RI 1980




Cheap Trick - PPAC 03/24/1980 (Soundboard)



Cheap Trick - Dream Police (full album)





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