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PRESERVATION ACT 1 & 2 Tour 1974






ad & ticket stub courtesy of Paul Fernandes



ticket stub courtesy of Dan Lampinski





Set 1
01. Here Comes A New Day
02. You Really Got Me
03. All Day And All Of The Night

04. Celluloid Heroes
05. Waterloo Sunset
06. Sunny Afternoon
Band Intros
07. Banana Song > Lola
08. Acute Scizophrenia Paranoia Blues
09. Alcohol
10. Skin And Bone
11. Good Golly Miss Molly

Set 2

(Preservation Acts 1 & 2)
01. Preservation
02. Morning Song
03. Daylight
04. There's A Change In The Weather
05. Money And Corruption
06. I'm Your Man
07. Here Comes Flash
08. Demolition
09. Money Talks
10. Shepherds Of The Nation
11. He's Evil
12. Scum Of The Earth
13. Slum Kids
14. Mirror Of Love
15. Alcohol
16. Flash's Dream > Flash's Confession
17. Nothing Lasts Forever
18. Artificial Man
19. Scrap Heap City
20. Salvation Road > Finale





Ray Davies (vocals, guitar)


Dave Davies (guitar, vocals)


John Gosling (keyboards)


John Dalton (bass)


Mick Avory (drums)


John Beecham (trombone)


Alan Holmes (sax, clarinet)


Laurie Brown (trumpet)


Pam Travis (vocals)


Claire Hammill (vocals)






The Kinks - Palace Theater - November 30, 1974



The Kinks Here Comes Yet Another Day (In Concert)



The Kinks - "Preservation Act 1" [Full Album]



The Kinks - "Preservation Act 2" [Full Album]




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