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LOW BUDGET Tour 1979







01 You Really Got Me

02 All Day and All of the Night

03 Lola

04 Low Budget

05 (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman

06. Attitude

07 Celluloid Heroes

08 The Hard Way

09 Where Have All The Good Times Gone

10 You Really Got Me

11 Pressure

12 Catch Me Know I'm Falling

13 Victoria





Ray Davies (vocals, guitar)


Dave Davies (guitar, vocals)


Ian Gibbons (keyboards)


Jim Rodford (bass)


Mick Avory (drums)


Nick Newell (keyboards)




The Kinks - Providence Civic Center September 23, 1979



The Kinks - Cobo Arena, Detroit, August 10, 1979



The Kinks - Low Budget (full album)





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