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tour program & ticket stub courtesy of Paul Fernandes 


ticket stub courtesy of Tonny Steenhagen



  1. Tie Your Mother Down

  2. Ogre Battle

  3. White Queen (as it began)

  4. Somebody to Love

  5. Killer Queen

  6. The Millionaire Waltz

  7. You're My Best Friend

  8. Bring Back That Leroy Brown

  9. Sweet Lady

  10. Brighton Rock

  11. '39

  12. You Take My Breath Away

  13. White Man

  14. The Prophet's Song

  15. Bohemian Rhapsody

  16. Stone Cold Crazy

  17. Keep Yourself Alive

  18. Liar

  19. In The Lap Of The God's....Revisited

  20. Now I'm Here

  21. Big Spender

  22. Jailhouse Rock

  23. God Save The Queen





Freddie Mercury (vocals & piano)


Brian May (lead guitar & vocals)


John Deacon (bass & vocals)


Roger Taylor (drums & vocals)



Queen: Earl's Court 7/6/1977 (Un-Cut Concert)



Queen - A Day At The Races (full album)




*Note: if you were there and would like to share your memories, pictures or tape please send it


Got tickets for Queen in the 3rd row center. Now to understand where I was coming from at that point, I had seen Queen open for Mott The Hoople at the Palace Theater on their 1st American tour and their 2nd album.  I was an obsessed Queen fan.  I went to New York to see them at the Beacon Theatre on the "Night of The Opera Tour"  I thought they were one of the most amazing bands of their time. I was shocked when they finally made the big time and started playing arena's in 1977,  but I never expected them to visually become so boring.  They cut their hair, got rid of the designer satin clothes and became (no disrespect) "gay looking." What happened to the super cool band that I loved?  Sure, they still rocked and they put on an amazing show musically but Freddie just pissed me off! When the band came on I couldn't help but curse Mercury and chuck him the finger for at least three songs.  I'm sure he saw me and probably thought I was expressing joy and not anger.  The people next to me asked me why I was taping the show and I could only respond that I was doing it as a joke. Of course they didn't understand that I taped most of my concerts and that deep inside I had hoped for old Queen (is a minor way) to present something not so over the top silly. 

In retrospect, I look back now and think it was their way to reach a mass audience at that level of fame. Fans can be brutal, but time has a way to make amends and I apologize to Freddie Mercury (RIP) and the band.  I played the concert after all these years and the audio is amazing and their show was great from a set list point of view.

- Paul Fernandes



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