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Mick & Keith get arrested in Rhode Island!







This concert began at exactly 12:45 am because Keith and Mick were detained in a Warwick RI jail earlier in the night. The Stones plane was diverted to RI because of fog and when they were waiting for transportation to Boston they encountered an over aggressive photographer who Keith took exception to. Some shoving took place and the photographer went and got the police. Mick was also arrested when he tried to interfere. They were eventually bailed out by Boston Mayor Kevin White who also arranged for a 6 car police escort to The Garden.









Mick Jagger (vocals)


Keith Richards (guitar, vocals)


Mick Taylor (guitar)


Bill Wyman (bass, vocals)


Charlie Watts (drums)


Nicky Hopkins (piano)


Bobby Keys (sax)


Jim Price (trumpet)


Ian Stewart (piano)








The Rolling Stones MSG Report: Dick Cavett Show July 25, 1972


The Rolling Stones - Rip This Joint (Live)


The Rolling Stones - Rocks Off (1972)


The Rolling Stones - Happy (1972)


The Rolling Stones - Dead Flowers (1972)


The Rolling Stones - Sweet Virginia     (1972)


The Rolling Stones 'Great Lost LIVE Album 1972'


The Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street (Full Album)




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