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1.  Quadrophenia

2.  I Am the Sea

3.  The Real Me

4.  Quadrophenia

5.  Cut My Hair

6.  The Punk and the Godfather

7.  I'm One

8.  The Dirty Jobs (Simon Townshend on vocals)

9.  Helpless Dancer

10.   Is It in My Head?

11.   I've Had Enough

12.   5:15

13.   Sea and Sand

14.   Drowned

15.   Bell Boy

16.   Doctor Jimmy

17.   The Rock

18.   Love, Reign O'er Me


19.   Who Are You

20.   Behind Blue Eyes

21.   Pinball Wizard

22.   Baba O'Riley

23.   Won't Get Fooled Again

24.   Tea & Theatre





Roger Daltrey (vocals)


Pete Townshend (guitar)


Simon Townshend (guitar, vocals)


Pino Palladino (bass)


Zak Starkey (drums)


Chris Stainton (keyboards)


Loren Gold (keyboards)


Frank Simes (percussion)



The Who - Providence 2013



The Who - Quadrophenia Tulsa 2013




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Photo By: Seth A. Kahaian


The opening act was Vintage Trouble and they rocked the house. The Who were obviously touring the Quadrophenia album. Iím not a huge fan of bands doing full album sets. I prefer a varied setlist. I know thatís how the band sold it, so I knew what I was getting. On the other hand, I wasnít sure how long The Who would be around so I felt I had to finally see them. I havenít had the opportunity in the past, every time they came I had to be somewhere else. It was important that I see two of the rock greats.



Photo By: Seth A. Kahaian


What was interesting was that throughout the show, behind the band was a history of the band through video and to watch that while they were performing on stage was quite the contradiction. From being rebels and rockers, to complaining during the set that someone lit up a cigarette and it bothered Roger. Well, the energy wasnít the level I expected from the stage or the audience. Only during the more well known songs or the hits off the album (though you would have thought most knew them all by this time) and the encores, where they were the best part of the show. Now, Iím not sure if the crowd was the reason that the energy was kind of low on stage or not. I mean when the audience doesnít even stand up through most of the set, that says something. At least in my world.



Photo By: Seth A. Kahaian


There was a lot of media about the cancelled show in Providence, from 1979. If you still had those tickets they would honor them for this show (I had tickets for that one, but were returned then as well, sigh). They spoke about it during the show. I was expecting something special, an extra song or two, something based on the media, to make this show a unique experience on the tour, but no luck with that.


Some of the highlights for me, anyway, was when The Who did 5:15, because on the screen we saw John Entwistle doing a bass solo and this would repeat later for Keith Moon, during Bell Boy. Those solos were great and a nice homage to them as well. A treat for the fans, you might say. All in all, the band sounded great. Daltrey didnít seem to care if he missed a few notes, focusing more on the emotion and the delivery of the songs. Townsend did his wind mills and even jumped, and the fans at least responded appreciatively to them for that. Rumor has it that they might do a 50th anniversary. If they do, I may venture out and see them and hope for a better crowd and setlist




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