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FRAGILE Tour 1971-72






Firebird Suite
I've Seen All Good People
Mood For A Day
Heart Of The Sunrise
(Wakeman Solo)
Long Distance Runaround /

The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)
Perpetual Change
Yours Is No Disgrace





Jon Anderson (vocals)


Steve Howe (guitar)


Chris Squire (bass)


Rick Wakeman (keyboards)


Bill Bruford (drums)




YES - Close to the Edge - live 1972 HQ full version



YES - The Yes Album (full album)



YES - Fragile (full album)




*Note: if you were there and would like to share your memories, pictures or tape please send it


Trying to get this one straight.:

I don't recall a Meehan show.

I am almost sure it was a show at RIC. I don't recall going to Bryant to see it. I was at Brown at the time.

Unfortunately, my wife threw out my stub packet. This almost lead to divorce, but that's another tale...

As a local RI bassist and musician I'd be interested in any info on this show. I can be found on under s/n Thor.

Thanks fellow Yes lovers.




There is indeed a bit of confusion regarding the Yes appearance(s) here in Rhode Island. I also saw the team at Bryant College, but am inclined to believe that it was late Autumn/early Winter of 1971. I haven't my ticket stub, but I do have a receipt from the music shop from where I bought the tickets: Ladd's Music at the then Wampanoag Mall, in East Providence. The section for show date and time was unfortunately not filled in by the clerk, but the receipt is dated 30 November. It stands to reason that the show would have been soon after this time, and not the three months later date as indicated above. Having said that, I did find a 1972 calendar amongst my scrapbooked materials, and I had made the notation for Yes at Brown for friday 25 February 1972, although I didn't attend this show. It seems likely then, that there were indeed two Rhode Island appearances during this period. I'll keep looking through the memorabilia for further clues.

rick from rhody:

my friends and i saw a yes concert at brown's mehan. they played with j geils.....and i maintain yes buddies pete and charlie disagree...i think it was same time period....when was eat a peach released..cause i remember hearing blue sky for the first time that night......

Skip Messier:

I, like Brian Gannon, saw the same show at Bryant College. I was with a group of students from nearby Rhode Island College(a few miles away)who I'd turned on to Yes starting with their first album when Peter Banks and Tony Kaye were in the band. At any rate, I distinctly remember getting to Bryant very early waiting right in front of the doors until they opened for admission. We were about 2 hours early and were just sitting and talking when I turned around to see the entire band standing behind us waiting to get in for their soundcheck. Not only were we treated to a first rate sound check but were completely blown away just from the opening strains of the FIREBIRD SUITE. Everything they played was flawless including the aforementioned tracks from Brian's posting that hadn't been released yet. Incidentally, the Blues Project was Steve Katz and Al Kooper's band before they formed Blood, Sweat and Tears although by this time, I believe they had both left the band.
For me, an extremely memorable Yes concert.

Brian Gannon:

I saw YES in 1971, 1972 when they came to RI and played at the Bryant College gym (in early fall??). This was soon after I had bought The Yes Album. The line up included Rick Wakeman and they played two songs off of Fragile (which wasn't out at the time), Roundabout and Heart Of the Sunrise. This was the first time I had ever seen them and I was blown away. Even before they opened the doors they put on a great show. They were warming up inside, but could be clearly heard outside thru the closed doors. Steve Howe mentioned that his acoustic guitar had been destroyed in travel, and he borrowed a very nice Ovation from one of the students at the college to play Clap on. (That anyone can play that song amazes me, that he could play it on an unfamiliar guitar is nothing short of incredible!). Warming up for them was a local band called (I think) The Blues Project.


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