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The Raindogs were a band formed in Boston around 1985 after several members had disbanded the rock band The Schemers. They combined Celtic and American music to form their own hybrid of rock and roll. Based in Boston, the ‘dogs were made up of former Schemers (songwriter/lead singer/guitarist) Mark Cutler and guitarist Emerson Torrey, Red Rockers rhythm section Darren Hill and Jim Reilly (of Ireland’s “Stiff Little Fingers"), and Celtic fiddle king Johnny Cunningham, formerly of Silly Wizard. The RI based Schemers had previously won the Providence Rock Hunt and the Boston Rock Rumble band competitions, and their singles, "Some Fun", MPG: and "Remember" were widely played on Providence FM radio but the band broke up when a major record contract eluded them.

The Raindogs toured extensively throughout the United States with Warren Zevon, Don Henley, and Bob Dylan and were noted for their incendiary live performances. Their CDs garnered critical raves and "I'm not Scared" received airplay in Boston and Providence but ultimate success eluded them due to record company shakeups and lack of publicity.

Information borrow with kind courtesy from Wilipedia