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1. Duncan And Brady
2. My back pages
3. Desolation Row
4. Fourth time around
5. Tangled Up In Blue
6. Searching For A Soldier's Grave
7. Country Pie
8. 10000 Men
9. Tell me that it isnīt true
10. Maggieīs farm
11. The wicked messenger
12. This wheelīs on fire
13. Catīs in the well
14. Things Have Changed
15. Like A Rolling Stone
16. If Dogs Run Free
17. All Along The Watchtower
18. It ainīt me, babe
19. Highway 61 Revisited
20. Blowin' In The Wind






Bob Dylan (vocals, organ, harmonica), 


Charlie Sexton (guitar), 


Tony Garnier (bass guitar, standup bass),


Larry Campbell (Guitar, Pedal Steel, Mandolin, Fiddle, Electric Bazouki),


David Kemper (drums)




Bob Dylan - Things Have Changed



BOB DYLAN Aberdeen, Scotland 16 Sept 2000





*Note: if you were there and would like to share your memories, pictures or tape please send it



Review by Nicholas Padgen
Bob's guy set them straight by telling 'em that they could not stop a rush. As soon as the lights went out, we took our rightful places standing up front. Bob seemed a little off at the beginning tho Duncan and Brady was nice. I finally heard him sing "Einstein disguised.." verse in Desolation Row, but he seemed to stumble upon it accidentally. He sang one verse twice and I've still yet to hear "Nero's Neptune." What a treasure it is to hear "Fourth Time Around." He stumbled over the words here too but the singing was nice enough to make it a highlight. A few of us had snuck in to hear sound check, and it seemed as tho "Watching the River Flow" might bump out "Country Pie," but either way both songs are great electric openers. "10000 men" was the absolute highlight of the evening. The guitars were pounding. Too bad I dont know Under the Red Sky at all. Even w/out knowing the words, the performance was amazing. I could've danced to that song all night. And of course it was exciting to hear "This Wheels on fire" and "Cat's in the Well." Anyone understand why Bob does that line up w/the band before and after the encores? He seemed to enjoy the cheers and did a jerky type of dance. Can't wait til AC.

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