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ticket stub courtesy of Dan Lampinski






Bohemian Rhapsody (pre-tape)

Bohemian Rhapsody (band intro)

Ogre Battle

Sweet Lady

White Queen (as it began)

Flick Of The Wrist

Bohemian Rhapsody (medley)

Killer Queen (medley)

The March Of The Black Queen (medley)

Bohemian Rhapsody (reprise)

Bring Back Leroy Brown

Brighton Rock

Son And Daughter

The Prophet's Song

Stone Cold Crazy

Doing All Right

Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon

Keep Yourself Alive

Seven Seas Of Rhye


In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited


Now I'm Here

Big Spender

Jailhouse Rock

God Save The Queen


Master audience recording taped by Dan Lampinski







Freddie Mercury (vocals & piano)


Brian May (lead guitar & vocals)


John Deacon (bass & vocals)


Roger Taylor (drums & vocals)



Boston Globe review courtesy of


Queen - Boston Music Hall - January 30,1976



Queen - A Night At The Opera (full album)




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Concert memories courtesy of


This version of Ogre Battle is perhaps its definitive delivery from Freddie Mercury. His voice is in great shape, and he embellishes many of the songs with ease, reflecting nothing but pure dedication to his craft. 

Brian, after White Queen: "It's nice to be here, our second night in Boston. How are ya? You look really nice. This is a number, which features Freddie tinkling the ivories for a very short time, called Flick Of The Wrist." 

Freddie: "We'd like to do a little medley for you - that's when my piano comes back on again [referring to his monitor, as the audience can hear him playing a few chords]. It's a slightly different medley from... it's exactly the same one as last night, but slightly different to the one we did last year. We're gonna start off... ah, my piano's back on... with a little segment from a number - I think you know it, this one - we'll start off with a number called Bohemian Rhapsody." 

Freddie, after the medley: "That was a slightly different rendition of Bring Back That Leroy Brown. Now we're going to feature Brian May on guitar. Would you like that? Alright, we used to feature him in a number called Son And Daughter, but we're going to do a newer number this time, one you haven't heard us do before - unless you were here last night, of course. This is called Brighton Rock." After Brian's solo, the band have a bit of trouble going into the bit of Son And Daughter, making for an interesting moment. Otherwise, they are in full force. 

Stone Cold Crazy is a blistering version, as is Doing All Right. Roger Taylor is all over the map in the coda of the latter. His extended drum break in Keep Yourself Alive is superb as well. 

Freddie introduces Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon as "a typically English ditty." After a lukewarm response following the short song, he says, "You'll get used to that one." Keep Yourself Alive features a great drum solo from Roger, and then he introduces the gutsy version of Seven Seas Of Rhye as "another little gentle one; was our first English hit, but it did bugger all here." Freddie then refers to Liar as "a song that's done a lot for us." 

Brian, after Liar: "Thanks for everything. Thanks for the banner. Thanks for all those nice things you brought us. This is near the end. It's a number written by Freddie. It's called In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited." 

Brian offers some dazzling guitar work in a ripping version of Jailhouse Rock. 



Queen in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on 29.01.1976 (written by Mark C)


The second time I saw Queen was at the Music Hall, Boston in 1976... 10th row center. Great show! After the show me and two friends were hanging around in the back alley, smoking a joint, talking about the show when two black limos pulled up and into the alley. There were about ten people in the alley. The drivers got out and opened the back door, then the back door to the Music Hall opened and there was Queen with Joe Perry from Aerosmith about to get into the limo; also two very hot chicks with them. All the people in the alley rushed to the door. I went around to the other side of the limo and opened the car door. Face to face with Brian May I handed him my program and all four Queen members signed it...TOO COOL... I still have it to this day.



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