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Bill Flanagan,…………is an American author and television executive. He was born in Rhode Island in 1955 and graduated from Brown University in 1977. His books include WRITTEN IN MY SOUL (1986), LAST OF THE MOE HAIRCUTS (1986), U2 AT THE END OF THE WORLD (1995), and the novels A&R (2000), NEW BEDLAM (2007) and EVENING¹S EMPIRE (2010).  As EVP/Editorial Director of MTV Networks, Flanagan oversees the series VH1 STORYTELLERS and CMT CROSSROADS. He has also worked on LEGENDS, VH1 ARCHIVES, HOTEL MTV, and many other series and specials. He was one of the producers of THE CONCERT FOR NEW YORK CITY after the September 11 attacks and has produced, co-produced or executive produced two televised concerts from the White House, THE BEATLES REVOLUTION for ABC, ELVIS LIVES for NBC, and VH1 specials with Garth Brooks, Paul McCartney, Clint Eastwood, Bruce Springsteen, and Oprah Winfrey. Flanagan acts as Ombudsman of the Sundance Channel series SPECTACLE: ELVIS COSTELLO WITH... He also appears on air as an essayist on CBS NEWS SUNDAY MORNING.  Mr. Flanagan contributed some early reviews when he lived in RI for the local independent papers like Grass-Roots & NewPaper and also the Providence Journal.







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