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436 Broadway, Providence, RI 02909

(401) 521-6667

The idea to open Armageddon Shop was conceived in spring of 1999 by Ben and Anne. Providence had no truly independent shop left dedicated to underground music, especially one focusing on vinyl. While working and saving money, we were also scouring flea markets, yard sales, and other shops for records, tapes, CD's, and anything else we thought would be good to have in the shop we wanted to do. A space was located and leased in September 2000, and work began. The space was cleaned, painted, and improved. All the fixtures were built by us, except the magazine racks which we acquired from a closed bookstore. Inventory was moved in in December. Cleaned, organized, priced, and stocked. Ben and Laura (Load Records), Lars, Damien, and the two of us spent many nights and more than a few beers and pots of coffee getting things together (Thanks you maniacs!). A pre-opening party on January 12th 2001 was a great time, friends from NY, NJ, MA, and RI coming down to hang out, eat, drink, and fight to the death for rare LP's. The doors opened the next day, the 13th of January 2001. We haven't looked back since. In July of 2005 Chris Andries stepped in as a new partner in the shop as Anne left to travel and move on in life. The shop has continued to grow, and we're hoping to keep it growing and impro
ving as much as possible.

The Basics:
Our goal is to be the best record shop possible within our means, with our own touch. The idea was to create a shop that we as music hounds and record collectors would enjoy shopping in. We have a very serious focus on vinyl, be it LP, 10", 7", etc. We like records, we run a record shop... unlike other shops that have "Records" as part of their name and yet have none... We also stock CD's, cassettes, videos, magazines (both current and back issues), t-shirts, and a few books.

Local Community:
We believe in being involved with the community here in Providence. Unlike other stores, we actively participate in the art, music, and local community to the greatest extent that our lives allow.

Providence Music:
We have a large feeling of respect and support for the Providence scene. We carry as much local music as possible, as consistently as possible. This is our town, we like it. We will keep on supporting the people making art and music here, and we hope you do as well. We will consign most local releases, and in some cases will buy locally released music on the spot. If we don't believe in it, we won't carry it. We recommend signing up for the EMAIL UPDATES, as some of the local releases we carry are very limited in quantity and availability, and are extremely hard to keep in stock. Don't miss out because you didn't know about it...

Witch / Earthless at Armageddon Record store in Providence

Genres and Styles:
Musically, we try to be as diverse as possible within our means. We like all forms of music that have lasting artistic value in our eyes. Genres we carry include, but are not limited to the following: Hardcore, Punk, Industrial, Noise, Metal, Indie Rock, Local, Experimental, Classic Rock*, Prog Rock*, Blues*, Jazz*, Dub*, 80's*, Soundtracks*, Comedy*, and other odds and ends. The genres marked with an asterisk we only carry on vinyl for the most part as our space is limited, though a CD or Cassette here or there may turn up. Our focus as a whole is on modern independent music, be it quiet or noisy, and vinyl of all genres.

New and Used:
We carry both new and used items. We inspect, clean, and bag all CD's and vinyl. With vinyl we do the best we can to price according to condition. It is impossible to spin every piece of used vinyl, but we do our best to check out any surface marks for playability. Vinyl is visually inspected, and we have been getting more reserved with what used vinyl and CD's we purchase. If you need more information on any record regarding condition, please contact us by phone or email, or stop by and we will spin it for you if we're not too busy. We want people to go home with music they will like and enjoy.



*Note: if you were there and would like to share your memories, pictures or tape please send it




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