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Classic Record Shops of the past & present


ARMAGEDDON SHOP is at 436 Broadway, Providence, RI 02909  (401) 521-6667

BEACON SHOPS was at 821 North Main St. Providence

BIG AL'S RECORDS was located at 204 Union St. Providence

BOVI'S RECORDS was located in Warren

BSA was on the Brown University campus

CARL'S DIGGINS, was at 759 North Main St. Providence

DB's TAPE TOWN was located on North Main St. Providence

 EL ŅAŅITO RECORD is at 1220 Broad Street Providence, RI 02905  (401) 941-5494

GOLDY was at 272 Thayer St, Providence

IN YOUR EAR is at 462 Main Street Warren, RI 02906  (401) 861-1515

KENT CORNERS MUSIC was located in Riverside, East Providence

K&M RECORDS was at 906 Broad Street, Providence

LADD'S MUSIC was at 234 Thayer Street,  Providence

LOONEY TUNES is located at 562 Kingstown, Wakefield, RI 02879 (401) 782-9860

LUKE'S RECORD EXCHANGE was at 393 Broadway, Pawtucket

MIDLAND RECORDS was at 288 Thayer St, Providence

MOTHER RECORDS was on the Brown University campus

MUFFET'S was in downtown Providence

PHOENIX DISCOUNT RECORDS was at 102 Waterman St. Providence

RAINBOW RECORDS was at 179 Weybosset St. Providence

RHYMES RECORDS was at 165 Angell St. Providence

RICHIE'S was in Wakefield

ROUND AGAIN RECORDS is at 278 Wickenden St, Providence, RI  (401) 351-6292

THAYER STREET RECORDS was on the East Side of Providence

TIME CAPSULE is at 537 Pontiac Ave. Cranston, RI 02910  (401) 781-5017

TOM'S TRACKS was at 287 Thayer St, Providence 

STRAWBERRIES was on Union St. in downtown Providence

WHAT CHEER? is at 180 Angell St. on College Hill, Providence  (401) 861-4244



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